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While enjoying the golden sunshine last February weekend, my memories took me back, to the time the corona-virus pandemic had started. None of us were prepared to face this pandemic.

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 I want to tell all the people of this world that we should fight this pandamic together as we not me.

Aditi (India)

I miss going to school and playing with my friends. On a positive note, I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family.


Saved from Covid-19,
New Apps for Quizzes, Assignment with instant Results.
Learningg Online classes with my New Laptop.


Why do we miss our life before.

The first think I miss about my life is my school and my friends is , because now our online classes are going on so we can't meet our friends...

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The pandemic has been a boon on one hand and on the other hand, a bane...

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What was our life like before all this? just pondering by leaps and bounds ,our lives have transformed past the first telecast of the after the first rumour.

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The Pandemic changed the planet Earth as we knew since it fell upon our world. And like every other person it touched, it ushered in various changes to my daily life too.

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Days were really good before corona. I miss playing with friends. Then whenever I had to go I had to wear a mask, whenever I met my friends I could not play with them. 

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