Dr. May Lene Karlsen

Counselling and Community Psychologist


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Dr. Gail Sinitsky

Counselling Psychologist


Welcome to Children Heard, 


We are two psychologists who share a passion for promoting children's voices. Children have a fundamental right to express their views and have these views heard, especially when it is related to decisions being made about their lives. Children express themselves and their ideas in various ways - through traditional verbal modes of communication but also through non-verbal, arts and play. We aim to provide innovative platforms for children to share their views about important events and situations, and we campaign to get these views heard. 

We are currently working on promoting children's voices during the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst there is currently a lot of thoughtful material available about how to support children, we have been struck by how little there is about their lived experiences of the crisis and their ideas about moving forward. We are on a mission to make sure children's voices are promoted during this time. Our survey aims to capture the voices of children from around the world, and we have ensured that children are able to express themselves both in written form and using creative art. We are delighted to be collaborating with UNICEF in Norway, Iceland and Slovenia, and we welcome contact from other organisations who are keen to get involved.   

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