In March 2020, we launched our online coronavirus survey, inviting children from across the world to share their thoughts and experiences of the coronavirus pandemic in written and/or art form. We were motivated to create this project after noticing a great amount of information and resources geared towards supporting children, but very little space to hear from children directly. We wondered: How are they experiencing the pandemic? What thoughts and feelings do they have? What questions or ideas would they like to share? 


It is our belief that promoting children's voices during such a significant global event is not only important for children's emotional well-being but also provides those around them (parents, teachers, schools, health services, government and so on) with vital and valuable information to help decision-making.  We are delighted to partner with UNICEF Norway, Iceland and Slovenia, on this project. To date, we have received over 500 responses from children aged 3 - 18. This includes beautifully and thoughtfully created pictures which can be viewed in our gallery

In September 2020, we entered our next phase of this project: looking at and reflecting the responses. To begin, we have collaborated with The Open University Children's Research Centre to analyse the responses that were submitted by children aged 3 - 12. This age group is often neglected in research, for various reasons, and yet it was clear that the children participating in our project had very meaningful and insightful things to say. We have written a summary report and created a children's poster to share key themes.  

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