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About us

Our aim is to create innovative ways of  hearing children aged 12 and under on the big issues that affect us all. We believe that children's voices and participation changes the way we understand and make decisions at every level of society: From families, schools and local services to international decision-making and politics. 


Newly published book 
about children's rights during Covid

...and we're in it along with 
other inspiring projects!


We need children's voices...

And we need adults who listen.

Try our family-based interview 

where children get to explore an important topic while participating in a project that ensures
their voices really matter.

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on racism

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Check out
our galleries
with over
200 pictures and
poems from children sharing their experiences of the pandemic.


240 children from across Europe told us about their experiences of the pandemic. Take a look at what they said here!


Hear us on
The Emotional Curriculum podcast

Our partnerships:

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