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Families who get involved

As parents it can be difficult to find the balance between protecting children from the harsh realities of the world while at the same time preparing them to meet those realities in sensitive and safe ways. Enabling children to participation in action for social change can be a great way to inspire hope and channel difficult feelings into positive actions.

Tips to get started:


  1. You don't need to take on the whole world - pick one small issue that is meaningful to you as a family. It could be something local, or something happening on the other side of the world.

  2. Do some background research together - perhaps conect with relevant activist groups, check out reliable sources online, ask people with knowledge or take an excursion trip to local sites, museums or libraries.

  3.  Be creative and make it fun. Activism comes in all shapes and sizes. Draw on the skills and interests you have as individuals and raise your own uique voice


Are the children in your family supported to actively use their voice to make the world a better place? We would love to hear about it! 

Tell us about your family activism here
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