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We need children's voices

And we need adults who listen.

We need children's voices... shape schools, services and communities that are good for them. challenge outdated ways of solving community problems. remind us of the power of vulnerability, play and interdependence. help us be the kind of grown-ups they need us to be.

And we need adults who listen...

...who acknowledges that children are born capable of forming their own unique understanding of the world.

...who welcome children's questions, thoughts and feelings.

...who acknowledge that children's voices are as important as adults' voices.

What does being a conscious citizen mean to you?


Families who get involved

As parents it can be
difficult to find the balance between protecting children from the harsh realities of the world while at the same time prepare them to meet those realities in sensitive and safe ways. 

Enabling children to participation in action for social change can be a great way to inspire hope and channel difficult feelings into positive actions.

Pick one small issue that is meaningful to you, your child and the family.

Keep it small
and make it fun!

Tell us about your family activism here

Children can no longer be perceived as passive recipients of care and protection, or accidental beneficiaries of policy decisions; they cannot be envisaged as not yet persons or adults in the making. Attention must be paid to their inner feelings, thoughts and views.

Child Participation - Articles and facts on childrens participation | Save the Children

We believe that hearing children is of interest to anyone who believes that every voice is important for a society to be whole. It is of interest to those who believe that to neglect, marginalise or systematically overlook a group of people, is to deprive our communities of the qualities that only this particular group can offer. Hearing children is not just a concern for those working directly with and for children, but for all who believes in a society where every voice counts.

Did you know that hearing children is in itsef a form of activism?


ListenUP: Children on racism
A parent-child interview

Share stories 

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Mobilise resources


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Explore topic

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Recommended resources for children on inequalities

Global inequality:

Kids Boost Immunity offers great videos and information for children.


ChildFund Australia offers lots of great information and resources. 


Sesamy Workshop has great resources for talking about race and identity for both children and parents/carers. 

The American Psychological Association has great tips and tools for parents, including tips for books about race and ethnicity.


Social Change Makers has documented children's reactions to qual pay for equal work.

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