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We need children's voices...

And we need adults who listen.

Hearing children as a form of activism


We believe that hearing children is of interest to anyone who believes that every voice is important for a society to be whole. It is of interest to those who believe that to neglect, marginalise or systematically overlook a group of people, is to deprive our communities of the qualities that only this particular group can offer. Hearing children is not just a concern for those working directly with and for children, but for all who believes in a society where every voice counts.

Try our family-based interview 

where children get to explore an important topic while participating in a project that ensures
their voices really matter.

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who get involved


What does conscious citizenship mean to you?

Recommended resources for children on inequalities


Sesamy Workshop has great resources for talking about race and identity for both children and parents/carers. 

The American Psychological Association has great tips and tools for parents, including tips for books about race and ethnicity.


Social Change Makers has documented children's reactions to qual pay for equal work.

Global inequality:

Kids Boost Immunity offers great videos and information for children.


ChildFund Australia offers lots of great information and resources. 

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