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Hearing children - a parent's journal


I just realised that my aim is not to work out how to be
a good parent. 


My aim is to work out how to be a good parent for Matheus


It's a joint project - something that can only be worked out together.


May Lene, parent of Matheus 4 months


I try for this little period of time to hold back from doing or understanding. Instead I leave this space open for you to fill. Perhaps the space is open and undefined also for you. How easy it is to fill it in for you. Every now and then I'd like to stop filling in the space and train my eyes and mind to focus on only what is already there, however small and undefined in my eyes.


May Lene, parent of Matheus 7 months


I learnt through play therapy that I don't need to worry about missing an important communication from children. The child will just keep repeating it until they're heard. I find this to be true also as a parent. If I don't hear the first time, the message only gets stronger. So no need to be hyper-alert. Being in a mutually respecting relationship is enough.

May Lene (Matheus 2 years) 

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